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As per the need of the growing market of Graphics and Animation, this course has been designed for individuals and corporate, who can develop their skills in this regard and establish their selves to get good prospects for their futures. 
Graphics is being Covered and latest tools of Multimedia which ADOBE CS6 is being taught.Graphics and Multimedia training in Karachi and Pakistan is taught by the professionals, who may have the extensive experience and exposure in the same field.
Graphics and Animation Program, Graphics Designing, Graphics and Animation, Graphics Designing Courses in Karachi
The Graphics and Animation program also covered the Animation Program, where Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign are the specialized tools is being taught by the professional trainers. 
Job Market of this Program:
1. Media Channels
2. Advertising Agencies
3. Multimedia Software Compaines 
4. Print Media
5. Animation Houses
Last date of Registration : 14-April-2018  


Karachi, Sindh

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