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So as to fabricate the dark structure of a 1 kanal house, you should initially decide the amount of the development material required for the unit. Monitoring amount is as significant as keeping a beware of rates with regards to development. We will currently express the quantity of blocks you would require and the complete expense to manufacture the dark structure of a 1 kanal house.
Awwal blocks are utilized in a large portion of the houses being built in Pakistan. At present, the per block pace of Awwal class is PKR 12.5. For the dark structure of a twofold story 1 kanal house, you would require around 135,000 blocks, taking the all out cost of blocks to PKR 1,687,500.
On the off chance that you are building a house, remember that there are two sorts of sand required to establish the framework of a house – Ravi and Chenab. The sand, as the two names recommend, is scooped from riverbeds of Ravi and Chenab. In the development of a 1 kanal house, around 5,250 c.ft of Ravi sand is utilized at the pace of PKR 20, taking the absolute expense to PKR 105,000.
The sand taken from River Chenab has a more significant expense, as its quality is better and it’s for the most part utilized in putting houses. You additionally needn’t bother with it in huge amounts. Just 2,100 c.ft. of Chenab sand is utilized at the pace of PKR 35, which will cost you PKR 73,500 altogether.
Pulverize and rock are likewise required in building the dark structure of a 1 kanal house. All in all, what amount of rock ought to be utilized? Know that the Margalla rock is utilized in building the top of the house and is all the more normally alluded to as Margalla Crush for Lenter.
You would require 2,200 c.ft. of Margalla pulverize, which costs PKR 85 for every cubic feet; this would bring the aggregate up to PKR 187,000. Around 1, 200 c.ft. Sargodha rock is utilized to make the house’s flooring at the pace of PKR 65, which would make the aggregate to PKR 78,000. Rori is additionally one of the significant segments utilized in house development. You would require around PKR 66,000 worth of Rori to manufacture the dark structure of 1 kanal house.
Cost for Bricks, Sand, Crush and Rori = PKR 2,197,000

Specific details

Area 505
Basement Yes
Home Stories 3
Area Unit Kanal
Bath Rooms 5
Broker Fee No
Floor 3
Furnished Furnished
Rooms 6


Lahore, Punjab

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