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Digital Screen Intelligent Gel Storage Battery.The OT100-12 (GEL) is a deep cycle 12 Volts gel battery manufactured by Outdo, readily available in Radian stores for purchase and pick up. Otherwise, the battery can be ordered from Radian online and be delivered your desired address. The OT100-12 (GEL) battery has a capacity of 150AH with an initial current of 45 Amps. Designed with consideration for the environment, the battery is eco-friendly ensuring that there is no negative impact on the environment it is surrounded by. Being a quality product, the battery is well insulated, manufactured with flame retardant externals, better sealing, perfect contacts for high conductive performance, heat-resistant and non-leaking so you don’t have to worry about leakages or spillages. The OT100-12 (GEL) has a long lifespan and is applicable in many instances. Scroll down for additional information on this battery.


Lahore, Punjab

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