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We are connected to the Gold mining companies in DR CONGO South Africa and we also deal in bulk gold trading to the international market like Gold dust and Gold Nuggest.
In our gold business, we form an alliance with buyers like jewelry shops whom we supply gold and they also sell it at a profit. We buy personal gold jewelries from individuals who want to sell their gold at a discounted price. We also buy raw gold.
We welcome people who want to exchange their gold jewelry for another one with little charges. We also welcome people who want to borrow money with their gold jewelry used as collateral. If you have condemned computers or electronics in your office, home or workshop that you need to discard, we are ready to give a hand for their disposal.
Gold is the world's true money and means of exchange. It is one of the legal tenders that have stood the test of time, as other currencies have a tendency to lose their value due to inflation, market manipulation and changing government fiscal policies. Partnering with us in our gold business is very rewarding.
Buying and selling gold is a good investment with attractive profits. But one has to be aware of the risks involved like buying counterfeit gold http://www.goldafrican.com


Nathiagali, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

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